New Year, New Site

The old website at had served its purpose- but I’m almost two years past  seeking freelance work, and it needed to be retired.

I spent the better part of those two years considering what sort of web presence I wanted to project; at least thinking about it casually.  About six months ago I started thinking that the old site, neglected and not updated, was not aging gracefully.  I wasn’t producing content, not photographic content at least.  And there’s the rub.  While I still make my way through the world in the field of photography, what I contribute now is ideas, words, thoughts, and numbers.  I thought the new site should reflect the content I’m creating now.

I also wanted to begin to tear down the wall between the professional and the personal, and a blog seemed appropriate.  I think that perhaps blogs are a bit like trees:  the best time to have started one would have been twenty (er, well, at least ten) years ago. The second best time is now, so here we go.

So, auspiciously or not, I will choose the second best time to start a blog.  Conveniently, it’s also New Year’s.  Let’s get this started.