Kitchen Still Life

Kitchen Still Life, Le Creuset

Here is another little 6×6″ watercolor sketch.  This one came together quickly.  In the first sketch, I wanted to emphasize line and architecture:  I was captivated as much by the transmission lines as I was by the house.  This time I decided just to work the edges and build contrast with the brush rather than work back in with a pen.  It was the subtle tonalities that attracted me to the scene, the cream colored porcelain interior of the lids, the shift from saturated to dark reds in the sides of the French ovens.

I tried to work quickly, I allowed the reality of the need to clean up the kitchen to drive this.  When I saw the composition, it was just that.  A glimpse; the graphic shape of the two pots stacked, the differences in the reds of the tea towel and the pots.  I really love the idea of sketching from life, working on location, capturing the light and the scene as it happens, and I know that my desire to be a careful draftsman may work against that, and this was an initial exercise for me to speed up while retaining my desire to capture detail.


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